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BACKGROUND The Winous Point Marsh Conservancy (WPMC) is a small non-profit wetlands and waterfowl organization located in Northwest Ohio. The WPMC manages a 5000 acre coastal wetland complex on Lake Erie whose use is shared with the historic Winous Point Shooting Club. In addition to managing coastal wetlands the WPMC oversees a wetlands research program with 5 – 10 projects annually, offers a summer student internship program, participates in local conservation initiatives, and delivers youth and adult education programs. The Winous Point Shooting Club, founded in 1856, is the oldest continuously operating duck hunting club in North America and membership hunts waterfowl from Sept – Dec within managed hemi-marsh and moist-soil wetlands. Collectively, the organizations are seeking a skilled individual to work as an Assistant Manager. The Assistant Manager would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, boats and vehicles, water control structures, dikes and levees, and research equipment. In addition, the Assistant Manager would be responsible for coordinating and scheduling seasonal guides and kitchen staff as needed to facilitate fall waterfowl hunting opportunities. Finally, opportunity would be available to assist with the implementation and delivery of marsh management and research programs. POSITION Assistant Manager – Grounds and Maintenance; Winous Point Marsh Conservancy TERM Full-time annual term position with opportunity for permanent status. DUTIES Primary (50%) Organizational lead on the maintenance of grounds, facilities, buildings, and equipment: • Maintain of 3,500-acre system of dikes, levees, and associated pumps and water control structures including brush-hogging, herbicide application, and backhoe repair • Maintenance and upkeep of approximately 10 buildings including minor carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work • Grounds maintenance including lawn mowing, weed trimming, and landscaping. • Maintenance, repair, and operation of boats and motors, small engines, highway vehicles, ATV’s, and medium-duty equipment • Labor-intensive maintenance and upkeep of 30 small wooden hunting boats • Maintenance records keeping and organization • Oversee and direct seasonal internship employees Secondary (30%) Shared responsibilities to assist with preparations and delivery of the Winous Point Shooting Club’s fall duck hunting season: • Work early mornings and seven days week during season • Organize and schedule staff and hunters, guiding hunters on occasion • Building docks, blinds, and maintaining hunting equipment • Selling hunting licenses and other merchandise, records keeping and organization • Waterfowl cleaning and packaging • Hospitality and customer service with clients, guides, and guests • Seasonal staff records keeping and organization • Oversee seasonal internship employee Tertiary (20%) Aid with wildlife habitat management and delivery of wetlands research program: • Assist with the preparation and delivery of an annual marsh management plan including management of forested wetlands, emergent marshes, and moist soil impoundments • Management of invasive vegetation and moist-soil vegetation including mowing, discing, and spraying • Assist graduate students and researchers with ongoing wetlands and waterfowl research projects and seasonal waterfowl banding EXPERIENCE AND BACKGROUND Candidates should be energetic self-starters with a strong desire to grow professional skills, willingness to assume responsibility and decision-making, and motivated with limited supervision. A desire to work outdoors during all seasons and conditions is required. Candidates should be willing and able to perform physical labor and familiar with mechanical equipment. Though not required, experience with hunting and/or waterfowling is also a strong asset. COMPENSATION Salary –$35,000 - $45,000 dependent upon experience Benefits – Possible short-term or limited housing. Opportunity to pursue outdoor interests is available and encouraged.
QUALIFICATIONS It is desirable for applicants to possess a bachelors or equivalent degree in Wildlife Management or a similar field of study. The ideal candidate will possess a diverse skill set with experience in several of the following fields: • Wetland management, wetland biology, and wetland flora/fauna • Medium and small equipment maintenance and operation (backhoe, tractor, lawnmower etc.) • Automotive and small engine mechanics and welding • Maintenance and operation of both outboard and hand-powered wooden boats • Building trades (electrical, plumbing, light construction etc.) • Hospitality and customer service • Seasonal employee management and oversight • Waterfowl hunting and/or guiding • Organization and records-keeping APPLY - email preferred John Simpson, Executive Director john@winous.org, (419) 341-5460 Applications will be accepted ongoing until position is filled.
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