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Lakeview, OR
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Two BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE TECHNICIAN (WILDLIFE) CONTRACTORS needed 1 May-14 July 2023 for US Forest Service research on White-headed Woodpeckers. The positions are field-based in the Warner Mountains on the Fremont-Winema National Forest, just east of Lakeview, Oregon. Contractors will coordinate with the Forest Service Task Manager to execute the research monitoring project, including collecting and compiling data, completing surveys for occupancy, nest abundance, nest survival, nest productivity, and habitat features for white-headed woodpeckers during the breeding season.
Applicants need to have a demonstrated ability to understand the scope and objectives of work projects, to work independently and collectively with others, to identify and measure flora using standardized protocols, to identify cavity-nesting birds, especially white-headed woodpeckers by sight and sound; and to locate and monitor nests. The positions are physically demanding and involve extensive daily hiking in mountainous terrain, often during inclement weather, and exposure to biting insects. Applicants must be pursuing or have acquired a graduate-level degree in wildlife biology, zoology, ecology, or related field, or have equivalent specialized experience. Applicants are also required to hold a valid state-driver's license, be in excellent physical condition, and able to safely work independently and in small groups. Highly self-motivated individuals will find the monitoring project very rewarding and enjoy exploring the ecology of White-headed Woodpeckers and cavity nesting species in general, and gain experience working in forest restoration landscapes. Interested parties should send email with attached cover letter and resume, including three references, to JON DUDLEY (jonathan.dudley@usda.gov). Additional instructions for applying will be provided during interviews. Start date may be flexible.
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