Whitetail Deer Breeding Internship: Texas

High Roller Whitetails
Center, Texas
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High Roller Whitetails is seeking summer and fall interns starting in May and ending in August or December. Interns would primarily be involved with BOTTLE raising fawns here at High Roller but would be expected to complete other duties as assigned. Interns would be involved with the following: • Administering vaccines and medications as needed • Learning how to properly draw blood and start IV lines • Practicing daily animal husbandry • Tagging and tattooing fawns • Assisting with cutting antlers • Learning how to use a dart gun • Process of Artificial Insemination of whitetail deer (Fall) • Collecting semen on breeder bucks (Fall) • How to conduct proper necropsies for testing purposes This is just a few examples of things an intern may get to experience at High Roller Whitetails. We are considered one of the most intense and high-end whitetail breeding operations in the United States. This internship would be a great opportunity for anyone that is seeking employment in any animal science or wildlife field. Housing will be provided.
Can handle working 12-14 hours a day, 7 days per week A degree and/or experience relating to animal science or wildlife Some sort of animal husbandry background would be preferred but we will not turn down the right applicant for lack of experience No, you cannot bring your pets Not afraid or squeamish of blood and any other things that may not be easy on the eyes. Quick on their feet and hardworking Must be a team player, there will be no drama allowed. Be able to lift 50-75 pounds. Clean and Organized Self Starter Be able to follow directions and take constructive criticism PLEASE APPLY BY EMAILING ME YOUR RESUME!
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Verona Butler
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