Whitetail Deer Internship-Missouri

Whitetail Sales and Service
Eldon, Missouri
Job Category
$1000/month + Housing
Last Date to Apply
Company: Since the year 2000 Whitetail Sales and Service has grown to become a leader in the deer production industry that strives to develop and promote the deer breeding industry. Description: This position includes a hands on approach with the production and care of whitetail deer. In this position the applicant will be able to work directly in multiple aspects of raising whitetail deer, including but not limited to: Fawning and fawn care Herd health and nutrition Chemical Immobilization Farm construction and maintenance
Qualifications: Applicants should possess the ability to: Work well with team members, as well as, working independently Lift 50lbs Perform manual labor Observe and be attentive Interested in the deer breeding industry Please send a copy of your resume, which should include at least one reference, to Troy Wieberg at Whitetail Sales and Service by April 15th 2019. Email is preferred with your documentation attached. Troy Wieberg 153 Hall Store Road Eldon, MO 65026 Twieb90@gmail.com
Contact Person
Troy Wieberg
Contact Phone
Contact eMail
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