Wild Life Manager: Maryland

Harleigh Farm
Easton, Maryland
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Contracts – Handle all interactions with FSA. This includes signups for new contracts, renewing expiring contracts, and making sure we stay compliant with all regulations. CRP Maintenance – Keep us in compliance in the field. Mowing, herbicide spraying, disking, prescribed burning,… Create a burning schedule based on a two or three year cycle. Manage wetlands – Draw down water in the Spring/Summer to maximize moist soil plant growth and increase water depths in the Fall to attract waterfowl. Create a three year drawdown rotation document to keep track of activities on each wetland. Forest Management Plans – Keep these in compliance. Shoreline registration for waterfowl hunting – Licensing is done by DNR Order and care for ducks In charge of all hunting activities. Prepare dove fields, brush duck blinds, mow food plot areas for upland bird hunts, guide family and guests on all hunts. In charge of procuring ammunition, birds, guides, hunting supplies, bird cleaning,… Deer hunting – In charge of managing all deer hunters. Currently, we assign a hunter and his guests to specific areas for the entire season. He is responsible for controlling his guests and their behavior, policing trash, and keeping the Wildlife Manager informed EVERY time they use the property. Deer Depredation Permit – Annual permit from DNR. In charge of fresh water fish maintenance and fishing activities. Conduct fish population surveys every three years (next is 2021), stock fish and minnows as needed annually or bi-annually (2021). Maintain gear and buy new gear as needed. Nesting programs – Bluebird boxes, purple martin houses, wood duck boxes, and mallard hen houses. Conduct annual surveys, perform maintenance, and write reports. Repair and refresh structures in February. Conduct quail surveys and write annual report. Collect data on quail sightings, whistles, broods all year long. Trapping – handle interactions with the trapper. Oyster Aquaculture – Monthly activity reports for aquaculture due the 10th of each month for the prior month. Nutrient Management Plan – every 3 years. Nutrient Implementation Report – annually. Farming contract with farmer and Landowner– annual. Contract crop prices – annual. This is done with the help of the farmer to lock in crop prices if it is anticipated that prices will be lower at harvest time. This is done with which ever grain mill the farmer will haul the crops Crop Insurance – In charge of crop insurance policies. Make sure we have coverage on all farms. Initiate any crop failure or low yield claims and represent the farm throughout the process. Cover crop program – annual. This program is administered by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).
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Renee Russell
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