Wild Pallid Sturgeon Health Status; MS Graduate Student – Montana

Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
Combination of teaching and research assistantships (~$20,000/yr) + tuition waiver
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The student will work in a lab that specializes in fisheries ecological physiology. Research will involve development of novel monitoring tools for fisheries managers to assess the nutritional and overall health status of endangered wild pallid sturgeon. While investigating these novel management tools, the student will also investigate ecological and physiological mechanisms that have contributed to emaciation of endangered pallid sturgeon inhabiting the mid-basin Missouri River. The student will collaborate with Federal and State Agency biologists to carry out field and laboratory studies. The goal of the project is to come up with novel and non-lethal evidence-based tools for managers to apply to track nutritional, physiological, and overall health status of wild-captured pallid sturgeon. Please email cover letter, curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, and GRE scores to Christine Verhille (Christine.verhille@montana.edu). Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Revision of applications will begin immediately. Start date: as soon as possible, with opportunity for a technician position on this project until the beginning of January semester.
Experience performing scientific research and ability to work independently under limited supervision. Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences or ecology with demonstrated interest physiology, fish, or aquatic ecology.
Contact Person
christine verhille
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