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Duties and Responsibilities: General: The incumbent serves as the Wild Turkey Management Program Leader in planning, administering, coordinating, and directing the development and implementation of a statewide wild turkey management program. The incumbent is responsible for achieving objectives in the Strategic Plan for Wild Turkey Management, identifying and pursuing opportunities to achieve objectives in the Program’s operational plans, and to achieve goals, policies, strategies, and objectives in the Agency Strategic Plan, particularly as they relate to wild turkeys and wild turkey habitat. This should include promoting and enhancing wild turkey management and wild turkey hunting and viewing opportunities on public and private lands; identifying technical and lay information needs relative to wild turkey management and facilitating the meeting of those needs; providing recommendations on policies and practices for management of wild turkeys and wild turkey habitat and for regulation of wild turkey hunting; and coordinating the efforts and activities of private, state, and federal agencies and organizations involving wild turkey management, research, and public education. Administration/Planning: The incumbent develops and refines program goals in order to achieve strategic plan objectives consistent with agency goals, objectives, and policies. Develops, seeks review and approval of, and implements approaches, procedures, and plans for achieving program objectives. Supervises and directs the activities of program staff in program implementation. Supervisory responsibilities include: recruiting, recommending for hiring, training, and guiding the assistant; planning and assigning work priorities; and scheduling and performing periodic reviews and performance evaluations. Provides matrix supervision and project management for multiple turkey-related agency-wide projects and initiatives. Directs and supervises the activities of the Commission’s Wild Turkey Management Standing Team. Identifies program personnel and funding needs and prepares program and legislative budget requests, annual program planning documents, and progress and final reports on program activities for use by Commission staff. Administers program budgets including evaluating needs, planning expenditures, and monitoring travel expenditures and budget balances. Purchases items necessary for administration and operation of the program. Performs secretarial and clerical duties as necessary. Conducts a continuing review of program effectiveness in terms of public satisfaction, public attitudes, and use of personnel and funds. Formulates wild turkey population and habitat management policies and strategies and recommends regulatory and policy changes as appropriate based upon a review of harvest data, population surveys, life history information, scientific literature, social and political considerations, and other relevant information. As assigned, prepares reports on specific aspects of wild turkey management pertinent to the Commission's evaluation of programs, policies, and regulations. Prepares and makes recommendations on scientific collection permits for wild turkeys and monitors compliance with reporting requirements of such permits. Prepares grant proposals and prepares, negotiates, and monitors compliance with associated contracts. Maintains correspondence necessary for program implementation. Attends professional meetings and conferences to facilitate achievement of program goals and objectives. Serves as the Commission's focal point and representative for wild turkey-related activities. Coordination/Management: Coordinates the implementation of a statewide wild turkey management program by effectively communicating and eliciting cooperation in plans, approaches, and procedures for achieving program objectives. When sought, reviews, provides suggested revisions for, and approves annual management area work plans as they relate to wild turkey management. Provides technical assistance to private landowners. Reviews, approves, and collaborates on all Commission-sponsored wildlife research and data collection efforts pertaining to the wild turkey. Identifies program informational needs and seeks to resolve the needs by focusing the activities of program staff, and enlisting the involvement of other Commission personnel as well as university and private sector researchers. When feasible and appropriate, seeks extramural funding for management and/or research activities pertaining to the wild turkey. Standardizes data-gathering procedures where appropriate to ensure maximum effectiveness and compatibility with program needs. Formulates management recommendations and prepares, or facilitates the preparation of, informational materials for private landowners and agency managers. Effects the distribution of technical information on wild turkey management to appropriate Commission biologists and other public land managers. Data Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis: Conducts annual data collection measures to monitor harvest and population status on a statewide and regional basis. Maintains the statewide wild turkey database with annual supplements of harvest and population data as available from management areas statewide. In cooperation with appropriate Commission personnel, reviews archival data on the wild turkey in Florida. Where necessary and appropriate and consistent with program objectives and needs, plans data collection strategies and coordinates and participates in data collection, data analyses, preparation of results of analyses for publication in scientific journals, and distribution of results pertinent to other Commission programs to appropriate personnel. Public Interaction: Establishes and maintains contact with organizations, clubs, and advocacy groups interested in the wild turkey to communicate program objectives and activities, to obtain cooperation, and to facilitate incorporation of constituent’s needs into program elements and wild turkey regulations. When necessary, develops and implements surveys to assess constituent views and needs and program effectiveness. Pursues program objectives through public speaking opportunities, media contacts, and the preparation of popularized articles and information leaflets on wild turkey hunting and management and program activities. Responds to correspondence relating to wild turkey management and regulations and disseminates technical information on wild turkey habitat management to public and private landowners. Performs related work as required. The Commission expects its employees to be courteous and respectful while assisting Commission customers and stakeholders, ensuring each encounter is as positive as possible. Employees should promptly resolve questions or problems relating to the Commission, its programs and/or fish and wildlife resources. Employees should seek to gain public support for agency objectives and programs by serving Florida’s citizens in a positive and proactive manner and by listening to what the customer wants and striving to meet their needs. When appropriate, employees will explain the reasons for agency actions or decisions while communicating a consistent FWC point-of-view. Responsible for following the provisions and requirements in Section 215.422, Florida Statutes, related to the Comptroller’s rules and FWC’s invoice processing and warrant distribution procedures. Work at FWC is cross-functional, meaning duties may cross division/office lines. The Commission expects employees to function across FWC’s organizational structure by providing their skills and expertise wherever needed through work on teams or as directed. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: •Knowledge of wild turkey life histories and principles and practices for their management. •Ability to plan, implement, administer, and coordinate a wild turkey management program. •Ability to work and make appropriate decisions independently. •Ability to analyze complex issues and problems and develop innovative, efficacious solutions. •Ability to formulate coherent, effective policies and procedures and incorporate biological, administrative, ethical, social, and political considerations in formulation of those policies and procedures. •Ability to determine work priorities, elicit cooperation as necessary to achieve objectives and ensure proper and timely completion of program assignments and activities. •Ability to understand, comply with, and apply rules, policies, and procedures applicable to the conduct of a Commission employee. •Ability to effectively coordinate with and oversee Commission employees working on wild turkey related agency-wide projects and initiatives. •Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. •Ability to prepare scientific reports and popular articles. •Knowledge of correct English composition, grammar, and punctuation. •Knowledge of scientific methods, study design, principles of statistical inference and analysis, and application of computer-based data analysis packages. •Skill in the use of scientific laboratory and field equipment. •Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with others. •Ability to assess budgetary needs and to prepare and manage a budget. •Ability to use computer word-processing, spreadsheet, and database software.
Minimum Qualifications: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in the biological sciences and five years of professional biological experience. A master’s degree in wildlife science, natural resource management, ecology, or similar with five years of professional biological experience is preferred. The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the workplace.
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