Wild Turkey Research M. S. Assistantship – Georgia

University of Georgia
north-central Georgia
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$28,000 annually
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
A graduate student at the Master of Science level is needed to conduct ongoing research on a comprehensive study evaluating various aspects of the ecology of wild turkeys on multiple study sites in Georgia. The successful candidate will conduct research during 2 field seasons that will involve capture, radio-marking, and monitoring of male and female wild turkeys in support of a project that has been ongoing since 2017. The student will work closely with other graduate students on this project, as well as with field technicians and post-doctoral researchers. The scope of the graduate thesis resulting from completion of the field research is flexible and can be tailored to the individual interest of the successful candidate using both data collected as part of the student's research and a long-term dataset spanning back to 2012.
B.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology or a closely related field. Field experience with gamebirds preferred but not required. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.2, along with a willingness to work in hot, humid environments, deal with biting insects, and conduct research as part of a team of students and technicians across a 7-month field season annually. To apply, please send a cover letter of interest, a copy of a resume/vitae, along with contact information for at least 3 references as a single pdf to mchamb@uga.edu.
Contact Person
Dr. Mike Chamberlain
Contact eMail
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