Wild Wonders Wildlife Park Internship – Howell, Michigan

Howell Nature Center
Howell, Michigan
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General Responsibilities: To assist in all aspects of animal care and exhibit maintenance of captive, native wildlife in the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park. Responsibilities/Experiences Learn to prep and distribute appropriate diets, help with maintaining welfare centered standards for habitat design and cleanliness. Assist in the planning and delivery of behavioral enrichment for all residents. Open and close the wildlife park daily. Perform routine observations of the animals in care. Observe training of educational ambassador animals for programs. Assist in wildlife rehabilitation clinic as needed. Perform simple habitat maintenance and repair, including yard work. Time Commitment/Compensation: Requires 24 hours per week from early May until September for Summer internships. Requires 12-16 hours per week for Fall (September until January) and Winter (January until April) internships Weekends are available. This internship is on a volunteer basis; no compensation will be provided. College credit may be available. Please consult with your department advisor.
Requirements Able to work in all kinds of weather conditions, including rain and heat. Preferred experience working in animal husbandry. Ability to sit and stand for long periods of time as well as carry 50 lbs. Must be working towards a degree in biology, zoology environmental studies or related field.
Contact Person
Evin Luehr, Wildlife and Education Manager
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