Wilderness Fuels Module

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$21 - $27 DOE
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Last Date to Apply
The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment (Sierra Institute), in cooperation with the Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO) is hiring one Wilderness Fuels Module (WFM) Lead and seven Wilderness Fuels Module (WFM) crew members to serve on an eight person crew performing fuels management in LAVO to promote future prescribed and/or managed fire activities in wilderness areas of the park. The WFM Crew Member, under the direction of Sierra Institute support staff and LAVO specialists, will be responsible for working as a team in safely falling, bucking, and limbing live and dead trees and constructing fireline using non-mechanized equipment (e.g., crosscut saws, axes, etc.) in undeveloped wilderness areas. Read more or apply on our website: https://sierrainstitute.us/about/jobs/
Required ● Minimum of two years’ combined field experience in forest or other natural resource management, this may include but is not limited to biological research, survey work, land conservation, or wildland fire; ● Formalized training and/or experience falling trees by mechanized and/or non-mechanized means, and ability to produce relevant certification(s); ● Experience with and interest in utilizing non-mechanized equipment (crosscut saws, axes, etc.) to perform fuels reduction; ● Experience with maintenance of non-mechanized tools and ability to teach others appropriate tool maintenance techniques; ● Ability to perform physically taxing work in all weather conditions in rugged mountainous environments ● Knowledgeable and proficient in backcountry travel; ● An ability to bring adaptability and improvisation, critical thinking skills, creativity, and humor to the workplace; ● Ability to effectively work with diverse teams or with diverse groups of people; ● Ability to be punctual, diligent, and thorough in their work and support a similarly strong work ethic amongst crew members; ● Interest in, or familiarity with, principles of Wilderness land management; ● Possess a valid, clean, state-issued driver’s license, with an ability to safely operate a 4WD vehicle; ● Full COVID vaccination status (vaccinated and boosted). Preferred ● Familiarity with the use and maintenance of crosscut saw. Field based experience in bucking or felling; ● Familiarity with mixed conifer forests and the ability to identify common tree species in the northern Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades or willingness to learn necessary skills; ● Ability to use compasses, topographic maps, and handheld GPS units or tablets to navigate and collect data in the field; ● Current wilderness medical training certification (e.g., WFA, WFR, WEMT); ● Leave No Trace or other backcountry ethics training; ● Certification in S-212 (Federal Wildland Chainsaws) We invite all interested parties to apply including those belonging to Tribal communities, women, POC, and LGBTQ+ persons. Skills or experiences that can fill in for qualifications will be considered.
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