Wildland Fire – Wyoming

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Jackson, WY
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The Bridger-Teton National Forest will be hiring seasonal positions for the 2021 summer season starting October 16 through October 26, 2020. Applicants must apply to the module vacancy by selecting the specific Duty Station in USAjobs. You must have your completed application submitted by midnight EST(Eastern Standard Time) of the closing date of the vacancy. The Forest may fill up to 19 wildland fire positions, including: helitack, engines, fire module and fire cache. Housing may be available at some duty stations. More information on these positions may be found at www.tetonfires.com.
More than one position may be filled for each job announcement listed below. These positions will be temporary, not to exceed 1039 hours. All positions will be advertised on USAJOBS, www.usajobs.gov. Successfully passing the work capacity test (WCT) at the arduous level is a condition of employment for all wildland fire positions except the fire cache laborer. The Arduous fitness (Pack) test requires completing a 3 mile hike within 45 minutes while carrying a 45 pound pack.
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