Wildlife Biologist 2 on the coast of South Carolina – Georgetown, SC

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Georgetown, South Carolina
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This employee will serve as the wildlife biologist for Samworth WMA as it relates to waterfowl and habitat management in the wetland areas. Job Duties Include: - Assists with the infrastructure needs on the Samworth wetland complex. - Conducts dike maintenance and inspection. - Monitors, inspects and provides guidance for technicians performing management tasks and trackhoe related activities on the area. - Oversees construction projects that occur on the Samworth wetland complex. - Monitors water levels for impoundments, as needed. - Inspects Samworth wetland complex regularly and monitors wetland plant species growth as well as noxious aquatic plant growth. - Manipulates habitats as requested by supervisor.
Minimum and Additional Requirements A master's degree in biology, chemistry or related technical area field; or a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, wildlife management or related technical area and two (2) years of experience relevant to the job. Preferred Qualifications Familiarity with moist soil management techniques and necessary maintenance including dike topping, trunk installation, trunk construction, and water level manipulation. Also, familiarity with fresh and brackish wetland management techniques for waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds. Ability to communicate with the public, prioritize tasks, assist with public hunts, and inspect properties. Ability to drive boat and other equipment preferred.
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Joachim Treptow - treptowj@dnr.sc.gov
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