Wildlife Biologist/Conservationist – New Mexico

New Mexico State Land Office
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Job Category
Full time Positions
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This position will join a team of ecologists responsible for the review and analysis of all land use impacts to state trust biological resources. In addition, the position will be responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of habitat restoration and remediation projects with an annual budget exceeding $2 million. 1. Assist in the development of all biological management plans, state wide asset inventories of biological resources, and efforts to improve management and sustainability of wildlife resources. 2. Develop biological best management practices and standards as well as conservation measures for species and habitats in sensitive areas and in special management units. 3. Work in partnership with district resource managers, ranchers, grazing associations, community groups, sportsmen, conservation districts and other state and federal agencies to develop collaborative initiatives and to leverage funding opportunities toward landscape level restoration and habitat management. The position requires a 60/40 division of time between the home office and work in the field. Lease application biological reviews are managed through internal Land Office digital work flow systems, with a heavy reliance on ArcGIS and are performed primarily through desktop computer research and analysis. In sensitive areas, desktop review is supplemented with site visits to verify conditions or to collect data. Restoration and remediation projects are developed in the field and in the office in collaboration with partners. The majority of the work is performed independently in consultation with the position's supervisor, or in small teams.
Bachelor's degree in Forestry, Range Management, Range Science, Wildlife Biology, Environment Science, Conservation Science, Natural Resources, or Watershed Management and two (2) years of experience in Forestry or Range Management, Range Science, Wildlife Biology, Environment Science, or Watershed Management. Substitutions Apply. The preferred candidate will have: -A Master's degree in Wildlife Biology, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management (or a related degree) -Related field experience working in the Rocky Mountain west or New Mexico -Excellent communication and research skills -Experience working with ArcGIS (should be able to collect GIS data, create and manipulate shapefiles, and should understand GIS data management and predictive modeling).
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