Wildlife Biologist: Mississippi

The Nature Conservancy
Camp Shelby, Mississippi
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RESPONSIBILITIES & SCOPE • Manage a gopher tortoise head-start program that includes finding nests, egg incubation/hatching, and raising tortoises within a climate controlled facility. Ensure facility is maintained to benefit head-started gopher tortoises. • Coordinate with the Mississippi Military Department’s Environmental program, the United States Forest Service and other key stakeholders in determining gopher tortoise head-started release sites. • Perform gopher tortoise burrow surveys associated with various projects that could impact their populations and submit reports/findings to the environmental program. • Collect/manage GPS data on gopher tortoise, Black Pinesnake and at-risk species on Camp Shelby and manage a GIS database following the Mississippi Military Department’s geodata standards. Create various maps using ArcGIS Pro related to projects/reports. • Gather occurrence and/or life history data for the Black Pinesnake and other at-risk herptofauna on Camp Shelby. Develop and oversee monitoring methods for endangered and at-risk herptofauna. • Provide habitat management recommendations, population updates and other data upon request to be included in Camp Shelby’s Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans, DeSoto National Forest management objectives, and other projects/partners that could impact endangered and at-risk herptofauna within Mississippi’s Longleaf Pine ecosystem. • Prepare and submit required endangered species reports to federal and state partners and submit relevant annual report sections. • Oversee and perform Camp Shelby Burrowing Crayfish burrow monitoring and assists with habitat assessments and reporting. • Assist with prescribed fires on lands managed by the Mississippi Military Department’s Environmental program. • Manage direct reports in compliance with TNC’s Managerial Excellence initiatives. • Perform outreach activities related to herptofauna conservation at Camp Shelby. • Assist with herptofauna budget development and monitoring. • Work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, in hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS • Master's Degree in science related field and 1 year of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. • Experience collecting, manipulating, analyzing and interpreting scientific data. • Experience preparing reports of findings. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS • Strong background in herpetology. • People management experience. • Ability to meet NWCG certification requirements to participate in prescribed fires. • Strong knowledge of computer technology and common software applications. • Attention to detail. • Ability to meet deadlines. • Experience with the safe operation of ATVs and UTVs including hauling this equipment on trailers.
Contact Person
Melinda Lyman
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