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HWA Wildlife Consulting, LLC
Intermountain west including Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and other locations
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2 Wildlife Biologists needed mid-March through mid-September, 2019 to assist with wildlife surveys throughout the Intermountain west. HWA Wildlife Consulting, LLC (HWA) is a natural resource (wildlife and plant) consulting firm based in Laramie, Wyoming that specializes in wildlife monitoring, regulatory compliance, impact assessment, and wildlife research. We are looking for motivated wildlife biologists to join our team to assist with wildlife survey, monitoring, and research projects primarily in and around energy development sites throughout Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and other locations in the west. Duties may include early morning greater sage-grouse lek attendance counts; conducting raptor nesting and productivity surveys; mountain plover surveys; pygmy rabbit surveys; plant surveys; and inventorying various wildlife species and mapping habitat. Positions will begin in March and will most likely end in mid-September. Housing and transportation in the field are provided. Exact starting and ending dates are somewhat negotiable.
B.S. degree in Wildlife, Natural Resources, Ecology, or related field. Experience with greater sage-grouse surveys. Preference given to those with grouse trapping experience. Ability to identify common wildlife and plant species of the Intermountain West, especially raptor species. Must have valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Drug screening required (pre-employment and random testing). The ideal applicant must have a strong background and experience conducting wildlife inventory and habitat assessments (plant community classification), preferably in shrub-steppe ecosystems with greater sage-grouse, and have a demonstrated ability to work effectively with a variety of people from industry, state and federal agencies, private landowners, the general public and co-workers. They also must have a keen sense of observation, careful field data collection skills, strong navigational skills, and be proficient using computers, GPS units, and other electronic devices. He/she will be highly motivated, responsible, self-reliant, get along well with others, and enjoy working in challenging field settings. He/she must have the ability to travel and perform field work over extended time periods and have a willingness to work a highly variable and unpredictable schedule. Work will typically occur 5-6 days per week and involve long days, often hiking long distances, and irregular hours. Field conditions include high elevations, rugged terrain, and highly variable weather conditions. Above all, we are looking for applicants with a good sense of humor and strong work ethic who are dedicated to accomplishing tasks as part of a team. Other important qualifications include experience with 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs. Applicants should be physically capable of extensive field work, and should exhibit professionalism in landowner and agency interactions as representatives of HWA. If interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information of three references to the email address listed below.
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Jeff Winstead
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