Wildlife Bird Technician – Multiple States

Meridian Bird Removal
Multiple Locations across the US
Job Category
Part Time Vacancies
Many of our technicians earn $1000-$1500 per month
Last Date to Apply
Meridian Bird Removal is seeking a Part-Time Bird Removal Technician that likes to travel and is up for the challenge to capture birds in commercial spaces! We have captured tens of thousands of birds across the nation, and we want you to join us! Who is our ideal technician? No experience is necessary Entry-level position Part-time work Training provided on our patented capture process. What makes a technician successful? Our technicians love helping our customers and helping birds. They thirst for knowledge and appreciate wildlife and nature. Our technicians enjoy traveling, hitting the road, and embracing new adventures! They thrive on independent work yet can be part of a team! Technicians have an energetic curiosity about life and a humble "do better/be better" attitude. They demonstrate our core values of Eagerly Optimistic, Humbly Confident, Adapt and Overcome, Commitment to Capture, Be Above the Bar, and Help First. Technicians must meet the physical and visual requirements of the job-standing, walking, lifting, looking up at birds, and ability to see small birds at long distances and follow their flight patterns. What do our technicians do? Technicians are dispatched from their homes to a commercial job site for bird removal. Technicians work in diverse settings ranging from small grocery stores to large distribution centers. Our technicians address health and food safety issues created by birds in commercial spaces and have a strong passion for solving customers' problems. They analyze, investigate, and use deductive reasoning in every job. Each job challenges our technicians to adapt and overcome with a commitment to capturing the bird every time. What is the compensation & schedule? You set your own 3-full day schedule of stand-by availability, each week. Our most successful technicians are often on-site at sunrise. Many of our part-time bird removal technicians earn up to (but not limited to) $1,000-$1500 per month with the opportunity to earn more as they attain company and personal goals. Preventative health coverage option available with Telehealth and Accident Insurance. Why Meridian Bird Removal? At Meridian, we provide innovative bird removal and management services for big-box retailers, supermarkets, and distribution centers. Meridian Bird Removal is a dynamic, high-growth company that delivers guaranteed results for our customers. Our specialties include our trademarked Bird-N-Free Live Capture System, Operational Process Analysis, and Facility Assessment. Check out our Careers Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/careersatmeridianbirdremoval/ For more detailed information, please visit our FAQ https://meridianbirdremoval.com/about/faqs/
What is the dispatch & travel range? Technician lives within 50 Miles of Atlanta, GA Technicians drive their personal vehicles with mileage reimbursement. Meridian supplies all the gear, which easily fits in a standard size car. Dispatched up to 200 miles (one-way) to a job site.
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