Wildlife Conservation Apprenticeship: West Virginia

Oglebay Good Zoo
Wheeling, West Virginia
Job Category
Unpaid. Housing is available on site.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Oglebay Good Zoo, the only AZA-accredited zoo in West Virginia, is seeking applicants for our conservation apprenticeship. The conservation apprentice will assist zoo team members with a variety of the zoo's conservation and sustainability initiatives. Key Responsibilities Of The Conservation Apprentice Include: Participation in head-start efforts associated with rearing Eastern hellbenders in human care. Participation in the care and rehabilitation of ill and injured migratory birds. Participation in the care of zoo pollinator garden and surveys associated with zoo pollinators. Participation in North American songbird surveys and habitat management on site. Participation in the development and planning of green conservation efforts at the zoo. Participation in acoustic bat surveys. Participation in observations of red wolves managed in human care. Participation in guest programs associated with conservation. Skill training during this experience will include training in head-starting of Eastern hellbenders; rehabilitation techniques for ill and injured migratory birds; observation and data entry/analysis techniques; acoustic bat survey techniques; etc.
Bachelors degree or enrollment in bachelors degree program in biology, ecology, wildlife and fisheries management, zoology, or zoo science.
Contact Person
Joe Greathouse
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