Wildlife Damage Specialist – South Dakota

South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Negotiable within District (Corson/Dewey Counties)
Job Category
Full time Positions
$17.48 - $22.28 per hour
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This is a full-time 40-hour position with the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks. For more information on the Department of Game, Fish, and Parks, please visit http://gfp.sd.gov. We currently are seeking a Wildlife Damage Management Specialist for the vacant district which includes Corson and Dewey counties. Consideration to any location within the district will be given. Recipient of this position MUST live within the assigned work district. This position identifies problem wildlife that cause damage to livestock, crops, and property or are a threat to human health and safety; and remove the animals or reduce their ability to cause damage by the most efficient and cost-effective means available to provide a reliable and consistent source of wildlife damage control throughout an assigned geographical area. The position is supervised by the Regional Program Manager. Other duties involve traveling extensively, often on bad roads and in inclement weather and in remote, rural areas; walking long distances in rough country while carrying packs, traps, firearms, and animals and while tracking and hunting animals; operating all-terrain vehicles in rough country and in remote areas; working on flood-stage rivers and creeks in boats; setting and checking traps in deep water; climbing on river banks; handling dead, live, sick, and injured wildlife; working around anxious, domestic livestock; working with all of the hazards associated with aerial depredation work; working in the dark during early morning and late night hours while predators are out; answering and returning phone calls at all times of the day or night; routinely handling firearms, explosives, sharps, poisons, and chemicals; pulling trailers and other equipment; working with phones, computers, and other devices; using database programs and maintaining accurate records of services provided; working with farmers, ranchers, and other cooperators; defusing difficult situations while maintaining professional behavior; assisting with surveys and other duties as assigned. . Must have or be able to obtain a valid driver license; and a South Dakota Department of Agriculture commercial applicators license with certifications in categories 12 (rodenticide) and 13 (M-44 device).
The Ideal Candidate Will Have: A bachelor's degree in biology and experience in trapping predator/nuisance animals and game animal damage abatement techniques is preferred. Knowledge of: -animal behavior, wildlife identification, habitat, and types of damage typically related to a species; -animal diseases and safe handling practices, disease sampling, collection and preservation methods; -wildlife damage control methods; -trapping equipment and the proper methods of location, bedding, staking, set construction, baiting, and luring; -how the environment such as terrain and wind currents affect the work at hand; -erection of fencing and placement of hazing devices; -firearms including rifles, shotguns, and pistols; ammunition and reloading tools and methods; and safe storage practices; -wildlife management practices and survey techniques. Skill to: -trap predators in year-round conditions in a prairie environment; -use foothold traps, snares, live traps, M-44 devices and all suitable baits and lures; -use calling techniques and shooting center-fire rifles to remove predators; -cooperate with fixed wing aircraft to remove predators (piloting aircraft is not allowed (however, gunning from the aircraft is); -read 'sign' of predators and furbearing animals, and therefore be able to predict their movement patterns and act quickly to remove them; -organizational skills in order to track and document work progress on several projects at one time; -exceptional communication skills as a significant portion of their time will be spent communicating with private landowners, other staff and providing educational programing on request. Ability to: -plan and effectively organize work priorities and requests for services; -establish and maintain working relationships with individuals, the general public, local government officials, other state agencies, federal and tribal government officials; -read and identify animals quickly and efficiently from tracks, scat, hair, kill sights, and other signs; -read, interpret, and implement applicable department, state, and federal laws and regulations; -act as an intermediary among adjoining landowners who are unwilling to cooperate with each other for the purpose of securing a large enough area on which to practice predatory control effectively; -balance landowners' expectations for predatory control with the public's expectations for sport and for humane treatment of animals with factual information and education; -educate and inform people at all levels of knowledge about predators and the objectives of predatory control; -navigate in rural and remote areas and adapt to changing weather; -shoot a variety of firearms proficiently in mostly unfavorable conditions; -use a computer and Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Access, and Word; -operate pickups, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, boats; and repair and service equipment in the field; -communicate effectively. VETERANS' PREFERENCE ELIGIBLE NCRC: If you possess a National Career Readiness Certificate, please submit the certificate with your application. For more information on how to acquire a National Career Readiness Certificate contact a South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation Job Service Office. A certificate is not necessary to be considered. The State of South Dakota does not sponsor work visas for new or existing employees. All persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and complete an Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9. The State of South Dakota offers employer paid health insurance plus ten paid holidays, generous vacation and sick leave accrual, dental, vision, and other insurance options, and retirement benefits. You can view our benefits information at https://bhr.sd.gov/job-seekers/work-for-state-government/. This position is a member of Class A retirement under SDRS. Apply at: https://sodakprod-lm01.cloud.infor.com:1443/lmghr/xmlhttp/shorturl.do?key=CHB South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources Telephone: 605.773.3148 Fax: 605.773.4344 http://bhr.sd.gov/workforus "An Equal Opportunity Employer"
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