Wildlife disease GS-11 term position-Montana

USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
Bozeman MT
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
GS 11
Last Date to Apply
We are hiring a quantitative disease ecologist position at the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center. This is a GS-11 term position for 1 to 4 years depending on performance and funding. The successful candidate will work in collaboration with Dr. Paul Cross to develop disease ecology studies relevant to Federal and State agencies. Focal project areas may include: elk, moose, wolf and bighorn sheep disease issues, the integration of genetic and ecological data, predicting rate and direction of disease spread and optimizing surveillance strategies in wildlife-livestock disease systems. Not only is Bozeman a fantastic place to live, but we also have a great disease ecology group (http://bzndiseaselab.org/) that works across academia, NGOs, and government. PhD-level experience in wildlife disease ecology and quantitative methods is required. This position will open on Feb. 26th on USAjobs.gov. We recommend applying quickly to be in the first 30 qualified applicants, so you may want to have your profile, resume, etc. ready.
Must be a US citizen. PhD level experience in wildlife disease and/or quantitative ecology.
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