Wildlife Field Technician – Hawaii

University of Illinois
PTA, Big Island, HI
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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We are currently seeking 1-2 technicians to assist with research of introduced and native birds in Hawaiian forests and their impacts on seed dispersal processes. The purpose of this research is to identify critical mutualisms for many of the native (endemic) threatened or endangered plant species. Primary duties will include (1) assisting with monthly avian point-count surveys, (2) monthly mist-netting, (3)set-up/maintenance of game cameras, (4) collection/sorting of fecal samples, (5) and monthly plant phenology surveys.
Bachelor's degree in biology, wildlife/ wildlife sciences, natural resources, botany, ecology or a related field and field experience pertaining to wildlife biology or botany are required. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in tropical ecosystems, avian or plant ecology and/or a demonstrated knowledge of Hawaiian plants, and individuals with a minimum of 2 year mist-netting experience. Experience point-count surveys, GPS are required. Applicants must be comfortable hiking/working on rough terrain, working both alone or on a team. Enthusiasm for research and field work is essential along with patience and a strong work ethic. Applications should include a brief cover letter, CV/resume and contact information (phone and email) for 3 references familiar with your fieldwork experience as a single PDF document. Please email application materials to renetam2@illinois.edu with the subject line "Application for Field Technician". Applications will be reviewed immediately and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. All technicians hired must agree to abide by all COVID-19 mandates/policies in place at the time when traveling to and while residing in Hawaii
Contact Person
Rene Tam
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