Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant: Rhinelander, WI

Wild Instincts
Rhinelander, WI
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$10/hour, 1.5x Overtime
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Job Summary: Assists Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation and other Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitators in all phases of wildlife rehabilitation. Aids with education programs. Helps with facility up-keep, especially relating to wildlife rehabilitation and its functions. WRA provides assistance in training and overseeing interns and volunteers, gives input concerning their performance DUTIES include but are not limited to: Provide direct animal care such as exams, medical procedures, handling, feeding, assisting with euthanasia as directed Provide indirect animal care such as cleaning/sanitizing enclosures and facilities, monitoring patients’ well-being as directed Maintain accurate patient records such as admission information, updating charts and case reports as directed Inventory activities such as restocking, monitoring supply levels and alerting supervisor when needed as directed Facility care such as enclosure construction &/or maintenance, snow removal, brush removal, other light maintenance as directed Assist supervising and training of interns and volunteers in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation as directed Assist in ensuring interns/volunteers follow all safety protocol as directed Assist in ensuring interns/volunteers provide complete animal care as directed Assist in presenting educational programs Assist in developing educational programs Assist in fundraising and fundraising development efforts Assist in facility maintenance and monitoring as directed Ongoing Professional development such as attending conferences, classes, etc., Obtain Basic Rehabilitation Permit within 3 months of being hired with goal of obtaining Advanced Rehabilitator permit ASAP. Other tasks as assigned
Skills and Knowledge Required: Education: Minimum Associates Degree in Natural Resource, Biology or Veterinary Related Field, Bachelor’s preferred. Experience: 1 year of wildlife rehabilitation, 2 years preferred. Knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the wildlife patients Wild Instincts admits. Knowledge of life histories of all native WI wildlife, ability to assess and interpret data about the patient's status in order to identify the patient's needs and provide the care needed by the patient, knowledge of zoonotic diseases, knowledge of species ID of most native WI fauna & flora, knowledge of species ID of some invasive plant and animal species Skill: basic math, including fractions and decimals, public speaking, proper telephone etiquette, word-processing software such as Microsoft Word at an intermediate level; use spreadsheet software such as Excel at a basic level, ability to use Microsoft Publisher for production of flyers, posters, and other items as needed, ability to use Google Maps at an intermediate level for organization and contact of transport and rescue driver volunteers, use of basic medical instruments (needles, syringes, feeding tubes), attention to detail, strong personal work ethic, high level of integrity Abilities: Ability: to understand complicated written instructions in orders for patient care Ability to stand in one place for long periods of time, to lift 50 pounds, to pull wagons loaded with 50+ pounds over uneven terrain, to run or traverse uneven terrain through many different habitats, to work outdoors in extreme temperatures in all weather, ability to deal with physically and emotionally stressful situations, ability to handle demanding workload and long hours, ability to organize, set goals/priorities and meet deadlines, ability to handle all aspects of euthanasia, demonstrated ability to handle diverse, competing tasks independently, efficiently and accurately, ability to work independently or as a team, ability to interact and communicate professionally with the public, law enforcement, veterinarians, biologists and others, professional appearance and demeanor
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Sharon Larson
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