Wildlife Rehabilitation in the Amazon

Amazoonico Wildlife Rescue Center
Napo, Ecuador
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At Amazoonico you will have the opportunity to gain first hand experience in wildlife conservation. Rehabilitating and releasing animals back into the forest is one of our prime objectives, as we strive to contribute to healthy wildlife populations and ecosystems. Volunteers wishing to help us achieve our goals will be offered unique opportunities to learn more about wildlife ecology in the beautiful Ecuadorian Rainforest. Work at Amazoonico is hard but very rewarding! Volunteers help 5 days a week. Our first concern is the animals. We have permanent residents and temporary animals. All must be fed two times daily and their enclosures cleaned. Join us in the Ecuadorian rainforest and help us to protect the forest and its animals. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to participate in our project!
Requirements -Minimum 18 years old. -Proficiency in English or Spanish. -Ability to perform strenuous activities in hot humid rainforest conditions. -Passion for forest/wildlife conservation. -Comfort working and communicating in a multicultural context. -Comfort residing in a remote tropical location, with limited communication. -Minimum commitment of 4 weeks. -Cover food and lodging expenses ($250 per month). If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers, please submit a volunteer application. We receive applications on a roll-on basis and will get back to you within 2 weeks of receiving your application. Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/EhUTyowUnzyqOUrC2
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