Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern: Wisconsin

Wild Instincts
Rhinelander, WI
Job Category
$75/wk Stipend will be awarded. Shared housing with laundry facilities is provided on-site.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Intern will: ·Be involved in all aspects of wildlife care from admission to release. This involves substantial animal husbandry responsibilities, limited basic medical work, administrative duties (record keeping and telephone work), and fieldwork involving rescues, releases and transportation of animals. Day-to-day responsibilities include feeding, cleaning enclosures, monitoring behavior and enrichment activities, dealing with the public. ·Work a 5-day work week, with attempt for 2 consecutive days off but may be 2 nonconsecutive days off ·Work minimum 12-hr days (8am-8pm) depending on patient load ·Rehabilitation techniques will be taught appropriate to the Intern’s qualifications ·Medical work includes tube feeding, fluid administration, medicating, bandaging, lab work and record keeping, and even the potential for research projects by qualified Interns. ·Gain intensive, hands-on training and experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, focusing on animal nutrition, husbandry, feeding techniques, capture and restraint methods, release criteria, captive animal behaviors, and natural history; -Participate in presenting wildlife education programs to public ·Learn from people with decades of professional wildlife rehab experience in all species of native Wisconsin wildlife. ·Quickly learn that animal care-taking is difficult, though rewarding work. Interns often say that this work is both the most challenging and most rewarding position they have ever had! Visit wildinstinctsrehab.com for general information about Wild Instincts.
Qualifications: (This position may not be suitable for an individual with an auto-immune disorder, who may be pregnant or acutely affected by chronic stress) ·Minimum 1 yr college required, 2 yr preferred, with course work in wildlife, biology, animal science, ecology, ornithology, mammalogy, pre-vet or similar ·Current on tetanus and COVID-19 vaccinations ·Have valid driver's license ·Capable of rigorous outdoor work & physically traversing uneven terrain in all types of outdoor conditions ·Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs ·Thrive/comfortable in fast-paced work environment with rapid change ·Ability to handle physically and emotionally stressful situations ·Ability to face urgent, life-or-death situations almost daily ·Ability to stay calm & function in the heat of emergency ·Ability to handle a demanding workload and long hours ·Ability to work independently or as a team ·Possess a strong personal work ethic and a high level of integrity ·Ability to receive correction in a mature manner ·Ability to organize, set goals, and meet deadlines ·Ability to understand and retain detailed information ·Professional appearance and demeanor; ability to interact and communicate with the public, law enforcement, veterinarians and others ·Demonstrated ability to handle diverse, competing tasks independently, efficiently, and accurately; flexibility is a must ·Must be able to handle emotional aspects of euthanasia ·Eager to learn ·Sense of humor a plus!
Contact Person
Internship Coordinator
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