Wildlife Rehabilitation Technician

St. Francis Wildlife Association
Quincy, Florida
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Job Type: Full-Time 40+ hours a week Reports to: Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager Experience: 1-2 years of experience in rehabilitation or related animal care Pay: $11-13 an hour depending on experience On-site housing may be available as part of the compensation Location: 5580 Salem Road Quincy, FL 32353 The mission of St. Francis Wildlife is to provide humane care and rehabilitation for native wild animals that have been harmed, displaced, or orphaned from north Florida and surrounding entities. SFW rescues and cares for more than 3,000 wild animals annually. Job Summary: The Wildlife Hospital Technician assists the permitted Wildlife Rehabilitators in all aspects of rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned, injured, and sick wild animals. He/she assists in daily husbandry, diet plans, medical treatments along with administering medications and fluids as needed. He/she is responsible for assisting with the training and mentoring of interns and volunteers. He/she is trained in answering a wildlife hotline and aiding with animal rescues and releases. He/she is responsible for the general oversight of the housing on property. This is a full-time position 40+ hours a week. It involves working evenings, weekends, and holidays. Main Duties and Responsibilities: · Assist rehabilitators in providing high standards of care for wild rehab patients. · Understand and follow the wildlife rehabilitation protocols of SFW. · Follow and uphold protocols to reduce the risk of zoonotic disease transmission. · Intake patients when rehabilitators are absent and assess patient needs properly. · Daily cleaning, feeding, medicating, and wound care of current hospital patients. · Feed formula to orphans timely at specific hours throughout the day. · Assist wildlife rehabilitator with medical procedures and provide unsupervised treatments i.e. blood work, medication dosage, fluid therapy, physical therapy, and humane euthanasia. · Keep detailed and organized patient records along with supervising volunteer/intern daily animal care documentation. · Pay close attention to all patients in care and alert wildlife rehabilitators of any changes. · Aid over the phone or in person regarding animal rescues and transport. · Assist in providing training to Interns and Volunteers. · Be available and respond to animals dropped off on site when needed. · Inform the Hospital Manager of dwindling supplies. · Respond to the public’s curiosity about the organization, i.e. the mission, hospital information, patient status, wildlife interaction or nuisance animal advice, etc. · Advance wildlife rehabilitation protocols and knowledge through continuing education. · Assist with any additional tasks assigned by the Wildlife Rehabilitators. Job Specifications: · Must be able to work in a high-volume rehabilitation center. · Must be able to thrive in fast passed high activity work environment. · Frequently moves animals, animal cages and animal feed weighing up to 60 pounds in and out of vehicles. · May need to work long shifts or split shifts, resulting in early morning or late evening hours. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. · Must be able to respect the smoke-free zones. · Must understand why euthanasia is necessary and perform humane euthanasia of animals of when rehabber is absent.
Bachelor’s Degree in the biological sciences preferred 1-2 years of experience in a wildlife rehabilitation or animal care setting Basic knowledge of mammalian, avian and reptilian husbandry Experience capturing, handling, and restraining wild animals Basic knowledge of rehab techniques, protocols, and medical records in a hospital setting Ability to learn and understand basic medical terminology, animal physiology and anatomy Able to exchange accurate information on an individual basis and in group situations plus excellent interpersonal skills for interactions with employees, volunteers, and the public. Basic computer, telephone, data collection and data filing skills Valid driver’s license and clean driving record To apply for the position, send resume, cover letter, and three references to Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager rehab@stfranciswildlife.org
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