Wildlife rehabilitation volunteers: Costa Rica

Wild Sun Rescue Center
Cabuya, Costa Rica
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Wild Sun Rescue Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of local wildlife. We also work on reintroduction of locally extinct species. Wild Sun is located in Cabuya, Costa Rica, on a beautiful, ocean view property with a yoga deck, a pool and situated next to the Cabo Blanco Reserve. We are looking for long-term volunteers to help with the rehabilitation of howler monkeys and other native wildlife.We care for a wide variety of animals including mostly howler monkeys but also capuchins, anteaters, opossums, squirrels, various birds and more - essentially anything that comes through the door! Duties depend on the centers current needs and number of intake, and in include but are not limited to: Animal diet preparation and feeding Enclosure cleaning and maintenance and preparing enrichment items Cleaning and upkeep of center Gardening, composting, construction, sign painting and various other tasks This is a volunteer position. For the benefit of the animals in our care, consistency is key and we encourage people to stay at least 12 weeks. If you can make that commitment, volunteering is free. You may live off-site or take advantage of heavily discounted housing (only $30/wk + 13% tax) with kitchen access and an optional meal plan ($115/wk + 13% tax) if you prefer not to cook yourself. If you cannot commit to an entire 12 weeks, we do offer shorter-term volunteer appointments for a price but the minimum commitment is 4 weeks. We also ask for a $400 deposit to reserve your position which will be returned at the end of a successful commitment of the agreed upon term. To find out more visit www.wildsunrescue.org and submit your application through https://www.wildsunrescue.org/volunteer-application Contact Jeremy (jeremy.jimenez@wildsunrescue.org) for any further questions.
Applicants must be at least 20 years old, able to work in all weather conditions, and comfortable being on their feet for extended periods of time. Prior experience is valued but not required, as all volunteers go through a formal training upon arrival. Strong work ethic, flexibility, positive attitude, and a passion for wildlife conservation are a must. Please note that in order to maximize reintroduction success, our policy is to work hands-off as much as possible with the animals. We handle wildlife only in the case of clinical procedures or the need to hand-rear an orphan. The contact we have with the animals in our care is only for a specific reason, such as weighing, syringe feeding, medical procedure. An understanding of the importance of minimal interactions with the animals is important.
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