Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation — Veterinary Volunteer: Ban Keun, Laos (1.5 hr north of Vientiane)

Laos Conservation Trust for Wildlife
Ban Keun, Laos (1.5 hr north of Vientiane)
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The Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife is Laos’ first ever non-profit wildlife rescue, conservation and education center. We run a multi-species wildlife center in Asia’s hotspot for trafficking, just north of Laos’ capital Vientiane. We work with authorities to investigate wildlife crime and rescue animals of any species, with an aim to rehabilitate and release wherever possible. Any animals deemed unsuitable for release are offered world-class care and refuge in our wildlife sanctuary. Are you a veterinarian, veterinary medicine student or veterinary technician/nurse looking to gain new experience working with wildlife? Come and join the LCTW team as a Veterinary Volunteer, honing and sharing your skills in our wildlife hospital! As you shadow our wildlife veterinarians you’ll get to assist them in a variety of procedures across a huge range of wildlife, including many unique and endemic animals native to Laos. Become part of our team including inpatient and outpatient care, supporting surgical procedures and the husbandry of wildlife, and see up close the day to day inner workings of a wildlife rescue. Volunteers usually work from 7am to 4pm, with one day off per week. We don’t keep to a specific schedule at our wildlife hospital, as the day’s tasks vary depending on the animals in our care. We only ask you to be flexible, as in an emergency, we will always put the animals first. At any point we could have a call out for a confiscation of illegally traded wildlife, receive donated animals at the gates or have an animal need critical veterinary attention. Your level of experience and qualifications in the veterinary field will determine which tasks you will perform. You will shadow and be under the supervision of our Vet Team at all times to ensure a safe learning environment. The volunteer program ensures sustainability of the Laos Conservation Trust for Wildlife Center and thus, a program fee of $650.00 for the first week and an additional $300.00 USD for each subsequent week up to 12 weeks, covers volunteer's training, airport pickup and dropoff, meals, accommodation, t-shirt, and 24-hr onsite staff support. For a complete volunteer guidebook and to apply online, visit our website at www.lctwildlife.org
In order to qualify for a veterinary volunteer placement, you must either be a veterinary technician/nurse, enrolled at a veterinary college, or be a licensed veterinarian in your home country.
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