Wildlife Research Internship- Quail: Texas

Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation
NW of Abilene, TX
Job Category
$1600/month plus on-site housing and utilities
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Last Date to Apply
In March 2007, the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation was granted its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit status as a charitable organization and the deed to our Research Ranch was transferred to the Foundation later that year. Operations began in early 2008, and from that time RPQRF has invested tens of thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and so much more into research, education, and outreach for wild quail both on and off the Research Ranch. On the ranch, we collect a wide variety of data to monitor populations and assess impacts of various actions on different ecological components. Some of these efforts include: raptor surveys, radio telemetry on quail, small mammal trapping, vegetation surveys, and much more. We also invest a great deal of time and effort into managing the habitat of our ranch. Technicians and interns gain experience in many data collection techniques, learn to assess and manage for quail habitat, and get “hands on” exposure to ins and outs of running a quail ranch all while having ample access to all the recreation a 4700 acre ranch provides. RPQRF is seeking to fill 3 summer intern positions for 2021. The primary role of these positions will be to carry data collection and habitat management on our Research Ranch. Major efforts will be in VHF radio telemetry, nest monitoring, small mammal trapping, habitat evaluation, and management. Please send resume, cover letter, and three references to daniel.king@quailresearch.org to apply.
We are seeking highly motivated individuals with a B.S. in wildlife or other related field. Competitive applicants will have experience with upland game bird field research techniques; use of ATVs/UTVs, and work in remote field sites. Please send resume, cover letter, and three references to daniel.king@quailresearch.org to apply
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Daniel King
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