Wildlife Survey & Inventory Specialist-Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Helena, Montana
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$64,272 annually
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The Survey and Inventory Specialist is the Wildlife Division lead for wildlife survey and inventory methods and data. The focus of this position is on decision/operations analysis, and wildlife monitoring protocols, evaluation, and data at statewide, regional, and sometimes local scales. The primary job functions are related to (1) technical support and statistical analyses focused on wildlife survey & inventory data, and (2) research to develop new wildlife survey & inventory data collection, modeling, prediction, or decision-analytic approaches. This position requires close coordination with field staff, a thorough knowledge of the field and analytical aspects of wildlife survey design and decision analysis, non-authoritative leadership skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and effective interpersonal skills. Technical support job functions include compiling, summarizing, and analyzing local, regional, and statewide wildlife population, harvest or habitat monitoring data; some participation in field survey activities; producing annual estimates of population sizes for big game species; conducting statistical analyses related to survey protocols, population demographics and dynamics, harvest and wildlife surveys, and data collected from harvested animals to determine program efficiencies, management effects, population status, trends, and user impacts upon populations; developing predictive models using wildlife and/ or harvest data to support evaluations of alternative wildlife management actions and to inform decision-making; developing integrated modeling & monitoring frameworks for wildlife populations, harvest, and user opportunities to increase overall wildlife management program efficiencies and to help guide survey methods; and serving as the Wildlife Division lead for development and maintenance of the Wildlife Information System (WIS) and the Mandatory Reporting Response Entry (MRRE) Databases. The research function of this position is focused on developing new modeling, survey, and/ or harvest data collection approaches for estimating population size, analyzing population trends, and evaluating or predicting effects of management prescriptions on wildlife populations, habitats, or people. The first, primary focus in this regard will be coordinating the development of new, non-aircraft-based survey methods for furbearers (primary focus) and other taxa (secondary focus). This will involve integrating methodologies for ongoing, large-scale mesocarnivore surveys with newly-developed survey and analysis methods for other furbearers, working closely with FWP and other agency staff.
Minimum Qualifications: The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the duties of this position are usually acquired through a Master's Degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology, Range Management, Zoology, or Fish and Wildlife Management, Biology or a closely related biological field including completion of a field research project presented in a successfully defended thesis. Equivalent experience is defined as five (5) years of progressively responsible experience as a wildlife biologist or senior wildlife technician, in addition to successful completion of a research effort that includes: 1. Literature review and development of a problem statement and or hypothesis for a particular issue. 2. Development of a detailed study plan or sampling protocol for a field-oriented project based on the above-noted hypothesis. 3. Data collection and the effective management of data with an appropriate application. 4. Interpretation and analysis of data, including a quantitative assessment of that information. 5. Completion of a final report in a peer-reviewed publication or a publication comparable to a refereed journal. 6. If appropriate to the project, formulation of any recommended changes in management prescriptions or actions. 7. Oral presentation on results of investigation to agency staff and public audiences. If you feel you meet the equivalent experience, please provide a supplemental response in your application that indicates your experience level relative to each point.
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Justin Gude
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