Wildlife Technician I – Bat monitoring-Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Cedar City, Utah
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Successful applicants will work as a 2-member team to survey for and monitor bats in the Division of Wildlife Resources’ Southern Region. Field duties involve capture of bats using mist nets; handling, measurement and identification of bats; use of recording equipment to collect bat vocalizations; data collection, recording, reporting and management. Standard protocols are in effect and must be followed. This is primarily a field position that will involve map reading and navigation, camping, hiking, hauling equipment, and other strenuous outdoor activity in all weather conditions and at elevations from 3,000 ft to 11,000 ft above sea level. Housing is not provided. To apply: submit cover letter, resume and references to email address supplied here.
Applicants must have, or be willing to obtain and pay for, current rabies pre-exposure vaccinations prior to reporting for duty. Preference will be given to those with bat handling experience, and knowledge of mist nets and their use. Applicants must be proficient in data collection, data management and data entry techniques. Must be able to read and interpret maps and aerial photographs with accuracy and use hand-held GPS equipment. Proficiency with manual transmission and four-wheel drive vehicles is advantageous. Survey protocols will require working through the night 3-4 nights per week. Remoteness of sampling sites and travel distances will sometimes require greater than 40 hours work time per week.
Contact Person
Keith Day
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