Wildlife Technician I – songbird surveyor-Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Cedar City, Utah
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Last Date to Apply
Successful applicant will conduct passerine bird point counts across Mojave Desert, southern Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau regions of southwest Utah. Duties will include: locating and traveling to predetermined survey sites; securing permission for access from landowners; hiking through various habitats, elevations and in uncertain terrain; recording presence of all bird species encountered, both visually and audibly; assessing distance from observer; proper and detailed recording and reporting of data. Housing is not provided. To apply: submit cover letter, resume and references to email address provided here.
Applicants should possess relevant education/experience in wildlife biology or a closely related field. Experience with bird identification by eye and ear is required. Experience with western bird species is preferred. Applicants must be proficient in proper data collection, data management and data entry techniques. Must be able to read and interpret all types of maps with accuracy and use GPS equipment. Proficiency with four-wheel drive vehicles is advantageous. Standard protocols are in effect and must be followed. Equipment needed to accomplish required tasks will be provided. Remoteness of sampling sites and travel distances will sometimes require camping and greater than 40 hours work time per week.
Contact Person
Keith Day
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