Wildlife Technician II-Utah

Utah DWR
Cedar City, UT
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Successful applicants will conduct field operations in support of the Range-wide General Conservation Plan for Utah Prairie Dogs and the Utah Prairie Dog Recovery Plan. Field duties will include: prairie dog population counts and monitoring at up to 1200 prairie dog colonies across 7 counties in southwestern Utah; habitat assessments on development properties; capture, handling and transport of Utah prairie dogs; data collection, recording and reporting. Standard protocols are in effect and must be followed. Technicians may also have the opportunity to help with other ongoing efforts (birds and mammals) in the non-game program. Successful applicants may be dealing with the public in sometimes contentious situations. Housing is NOT provided. Successful applicants must be prepared to start April 1. Positions will run through June 29, and will likely be extended to Oct. 4 (pending funding approval).
Applicants should have a B.S. degree in biology or a related field. Applicants must be proficient in proper data collection, data management and data entry techniques. Must be able to read, interpret and orient by all types of paper and digital maps with accuracy and use GPS equipment/software. Experience surveying for and handling small mammals is beneficial. Proficiency with all-terrain and four-wheel drive vehicles is advantageous. To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and at least 3 references to adamkavalunas@utah.gov by February 15, 2019.
Contact Person
Adam Kavalunas
Contact Phone
(435) 691-6110
Contact eMail
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