Wildlife Technician/Laborer – Alabama

ADCNR Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Hollywood, AL
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Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division is seeking a full-time wildlife technician to work on the Jackson County Waterfowl Management Areas and Refuges in Hollywood, Alabama. The Jackson County Waterfowl Areas span ~30,000 acres and run the banks of the Tennessee River in the northeast corner of the state. The wildlife technician will assist the area wildlife biologist in are operations and projects, which primarily include, but are not limited to: Habitat Management including Rx burning, mowing, disking, planting, herbicide application, beaver dam removal, nuisance predator trapping, wood duck box installation, etc. Wildlife surveys such as quail call counts, turkey poult counts, waterfowl/mourning dove banding, sandhill crane surveys, CWD sample extraction, WTD jawbone extraction, etc. Equipment and grounds maintenance and repair including boundary marking, road repair, and culvert gate installation. Interaction with the public through hunter check stations and daily activities.
At minimum, the wildlife technician should have a high school diploma and valid driver’s license. Applicants who can identify waterfowl and moist-soil plant species, have experience operating equipment (tractors, dozers, backhoes, mowers, chainsaws, ATVs, boats, etc.), Microsoft Office and Windows experience, and can effectively communicate with vendors and public citizens on the areas will be given preference. This position will provide full benefits (health, dental, vision), and a work vehicle will be provided. To apply please submit your resume with three references to area biologist Austin LeCroy by the application deadline” at the bottom of my job posting.
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Austin LeCroy
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