Wildlife Technician – South Carolina

South Carolina Waterfowl Association
Pinewood, SC
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A 2-year program for wildlife management students who have successfully completed an associate, bachelor or master degree. Apprentices conduct work at the SCWA Wildlife Education Center and other managed properties while also taking scheduled course work in the areas listed below. Apprentices receive an annual $12,500 stipend along with lodging and utilities. They also earn up to $6,500 in tips while guiding SCWA duck, deer, dove and quail hunts. Course work includes 27 weeks of class work over the 2-year period and 73 weeks of on the job training. SCWA works with each apprentice to assist them with quality job placement. o Wildlife Crop Production - 2 weeks o Prescribed Burning Training and Certification - 2 weeks o Pesticide applicators license - 2 days o Duck Pond Management - 3 days o Duck Pond Construction - 3 days o Pumps and Wells for Duck Ponds - 2 days o Quality Deer Management - 1 week o Deer Stand and Food Plot Management – 1 week o Wild Quail Management - 1 week o Early Release Quail Management - 1 week o Pond Fisheries Management - 1 week o Timber Cruising and Reforestation - 1 week o Duck, Deer, quail, Turkey and Dove Hunt Management - 1 week o Trapping - 1 week o Tractor and Farm Equipment Maintenance - 2 weeks o Spray calibration - 1 day o Proper Planter/Equipment Set Up - 1 week o Welding / Fabricating - 1 week o Carpentry - 1 week o Electrical - 1 week o Plumbing Basics - 2 days o HVAC Maintenance - 2 days o Basic Surveying - 1 week o Turf Management - 1 week o Accounting & Budgeting - 1 week o Food Service Management - 2 days o Interview Skills - 2 days o wood duck nest box maintenance - 1 day o USFWS and SCDNR Wildlife Management Opportunities - 2 days o Sporting Clays Course design and management - 2 days Applicants should contact Jonathan Patrick, 803-968-7995, jonathan@scwa.org, www.scwa.org
-Wildlife management students who have successfully completed an associate, bachelor or master degree -Applicant would benefit with basic operational knowledge on tractors, UTV, Chainsaw and other equipment. -Applicant must be able to meet the physical demands of the job.( Lifting more than 50lbs and excessive temperatures) - Applicant should have a eagerness to learn
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Jonathan Patrick
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