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University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
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Research out of the University of Wyoming is being conducted in eastern Wyoming on the movement of swift fox (Vulpes velox) into an unconventional habitat. We are seeking 1 technician to assist with data collection at multiple field sites in eastern Wyoming. Field work will include but is not limited to deploying servicing and maintaining game cameras, scat collection, den monitoring, and using telemetry to locate mortalities. The candidate must be able to accurately and completely fill out data sheets and maintain accurate records while in the field. Work schedules will alternate between days and nights with possible weekend work. Most work will be conducted independently in the field in inclement conditions such as exposure to direct sun, heat, extreme wind, snow and rain, with rattlesnakes and insects such as fleas and ticks. The technician will be responsible for finding housing in Laramie, WY for the duration of the position. Pay will be $1,700/month. Job Dates: Start: May 1, 2023 End: August 18, 2023 with possibility of extension based on funding and performance
To Apply: Please email a cover letter describing your interest in the position, resume with your qualifications, and contact information (email address and phone number) for three professional references. Attach this as ONE PDF to Kelsie Buxbaum at holbrookopp@gmail.com. Please include “Swift Fox Technician” in the subject line of the email. Closing date for applications is March 27, 2023 5pm MST. Required Qualifications: ● B.S. or working towards a degree in wildlife management, ecology or related field ● Ability to maintain a positive attitude during long uncomfortable work days ● Ability to communicate effectively with team members and supervisors ● Ability to accurately collect, record, and maintain scientific data ● Must be able to work independently ● Desire to learn new skills ● Must be willing to work long hours for multiple days at a time ● Must possess a valid drivers license ● Ability to work in all weather conditions (extreme heat and cold, snow, rain, and wind) ● Experience driving a 4x4 vehicle Desired Qualifications: ● First aid skills
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Kelsie Buxbaum
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