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Loomacres Wildlife Management
Teledo WA
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Loomacres Wildlife Management Inc. is seeking a wildlife technician to join our growing team. Loomacres Inc. provides wildlife hazard management based on principles of ethics, reliability, and professionalism. We require additional staff that can reflect these principles while assisting with its wildlife mitigation program. Working under a lead biologist the candidate will conduct surveys and perform wildlife mitigation. This position is full-time seasonal position from 12/2022-05/2023 To apply please send cover letter and resume (PDF) to loomacresjobs@gmail.com
Preferred qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology, wildlife management, range management, biology, ecology, zoology or a closely related field. Previous professional work experience in wildlife management, research or habitat management is preferred. • Bird identification skills (By sight and sound) • Must be able to pass a stringent background check and drug test • Basic computer skills including; Microsoft office, use of email, and internet • Strong communication and writing skills • Punctuality • Be willing to follow through on assignments to their completion • Be able to publicly present findings, recommendations, and train others on wildlife control as it relates to airfields. • Work with local wildlife/natural resource agencies • Work with public/private entities surrounding airfields • Must be able to work outdoors and remain on your feet for extended periods • Clean driving record • Wildlife trapping skills – Both Mammals and Birds • Firearms experience • Plant Identification • Experience working at an airport • Familiar with the use of firearms • Bird Strike reporting knowledge • Experience conducting wildlife harassment and control, bat handling, wetland delineation, or strong plant identification experience • Falconry Permit • Dog handling experience
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Cody Baciuska
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