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Swan Valley, Montana
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Spend a week in the field with us, earn two credits through the University of Montana (WILD 291), and gain your Wildlife Tracks & Sign Certification through CyberTracker North America! Wildlife Tracks & Sign develops observation skills that students can apply to future careers in wildlife biology and other natural resource fields. This course builds upon knowledge gained in biology and ecology classes and transforms this understanding into tangible field skills. Study Swan Valley megafauna, microfauna, field necropsy, and more. The Track and Sign Certification is an internationally applied, professional-level certification used to promote wildlife tracking and knowledge. This two-day field experience is both an assessment and a training, with an emphasis on open dialogue and real learning. The tracks and sign of any and all species encountered in the field may be asked, whether big or small, clear or obscure, fresh or old. After participants give their answers for a set of questions, a dialogue ensues between the evaluator and participants to provide the opportunity for everyone involved to internalize field marks, wildlife behavior, and natural history. There are four levels of certification (I, II, III, and IV), which will be determined by your evaluation score.
No prior experience required.
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Sara Lamar
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