Wood Duck Field Technicians (4) in North Carolina and South Carolina

Clemson University & Nemours Wildlife Foundation
Lake Moultrie, SC or Mattamuskeet and Roanoke River NWRs, NC
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Clemson University’s James C. Kennedy Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation Center (https://www.clemson.edu/cafls/departments/kennedycenter/) and Nemours Wildlife Foundation (https://www.nemourswildlifefoundation.org) are seeking four field technicians for seasonal positions to assist with research studying wood duck (Aix sponsa) recruitment in North Carolina (Mattamuskeet and Roanoke River NWRs, NC; 2 positions) and South Carolina (Lake Moultrie, SC; 2 positions). Technicians will be employees of Clemson University. Field housing, vehicles and other necessary equipment will be provided. Application deadline is 10 November 2020 or until positions are filled. Each technician will be compensated for 28 hours per week (~$1,500 per month) and be required to record their daily hours into Clemson’s Kronos employee system. Depending upon nesting activity, some weeks will require < 28 hours of work, while others will require additional hours. Nonetheless, each technician will be compensated for a maximum of 28 hours per week. Work will include: • Daily monitoring of wood duck nest boxes • Data collection via notebooks and WildNote software • Leg-banding and aging nesting hens • Candling eggs to estimate hatch date • Web-tagging and sexing day old ducklings • Scanning and PIT-tagging rat snakes encountered during box checks • Measuring multiple habitat and nest box characteristics • Repairing and maintaining nest boxes as needed throughout season • Regular work vehicle and boat maintenance Other duties may be expected as assigned by supervising graduate student Emily Miller of Clemson University and research coordinators; Beau Bauer, Nemours Wildlife Foundation, and Dr. Rick Kaminski (Kennedy Center). These positions will begin in early to mid-January 2021 and continue through July – early August 2021. Start and end dates may be flexible. Caution to candidates with allergies to bees/wasps/other insects/snakes, etc., as these animals are encountered frequently in nest boxes and wetland environments of the study areas. Applicants must be hardworking, observant, adaptable, cooperative, detail-oriented, and able to work as a team or independently.
Preferred applicants should possess a B.S. or M.S. in wildlife biology, ecology, natural resources management or related field, or be pursuing such a degree and have experience in, or express willingness to learn duties outlined above. Applicants should also be familiar with, or willing to learn, how to properly operate motorized boats, trailers, and 4WD vehicles. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google apps is preferred. Applicants should be able to swim and be willing to work in humid, subtropical conditions. Please email a 1-page cover letter, CV/resume, and contact information for three references in a single PDF document to Emily Miller at em2@clemson.edu. Insert Wood Duck Technician in subject line of your email and save your PDF with your last name followed by WODU (e.g. LastName_WODU). In your email, please be sure to indicate your preference of working in North Carolina or South Carolina.
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