Woodpecker Researcher (updated)-Oregon and Idaho

USDA, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Oregon and Idaho
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
GS5 ($16/hr), GS6 ($17.84/hr)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE TECHNICIANS (WILDLIFE) needed from May-August 2018 to be part of US Forest Service research on White-headed, Black-backed, and Lewis’s Woodpeckers. Up to 18 GS-05/01 technician positions and four GS-06/01 crew leader positions are available for four projects in west-central Idaho on the Payette National Forest, central Oregon (two projects) on the Malheur National Forest, and southern Oregon on the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Technicians and crew leaders will be assigned to one project only. Major field duties may include all or part of the following: conducting point-count/playback-response surveys, performing nest searches, monitoring woodpecker nest survival, and measuring habitat features. In addition to field duties, crew leaders will oversee all aspects of their project. Further details of each project will be explained during interviews. The field work is physically demanding and involves extensive daily hiking in burned or unburned mountainous terrain, often during inclement weather, and exposure to biting insects. First-aid, CPR, and field-safety trainings are provided. Forest Service housing may be available. These positions offer entry-level biologists the opportunity to gain valuable research experience and develop leadership skills. Highly self-motivated individuals will find the job very rewarding and enjoy exploring the ecology of White-headed, Black-backed, and Lewis’s Woodpeckers, and cavity nesting species in general. Interested parties must apply on-line at www.USAJOBS.gov. Job announcements will be open during 8 -13 February 2018. You can access the announcement during the open period only by performing a “keywords” search on the USAJOBS website. Copy and paste the following control number(s) in the keyword search box to directly access our announcements. Use control #490548400 for the GS6 Crew Leader positions, and control #490550100 for the GS5 Crew Member positions. Please specify a preference for project location, where applicable. For further information or to learn more about our research, please contact JON DUDLEY.
Applicants must be pursuing or have acquired a college degree in wildlife biology, zoology, ecology, or related field, and will depend on the position. Applicants must have a demonstrated ability: to identify and measure flora using standardized protocols; to identify cavity-nesting birds, and especially White-headed Woodpeckers, Black-backed Woodpeckers, and Lewis’s Woodpeckers by sight and sound; and to locate and monitor nests. Crew leaders require additional advanced qualifications to be discussed during interviews. Applicants are also required to hold a valid state-driver's license, be in excellent physical condition, have the ability to safely work independently and in small groups, and live in shared Forest Service housing (where applicable). There is some flexibility in start date. Positions are open to United States citizens, nationals, or those who owe allegiance to the U.S., and excepted service employees. The USDA Forest Service is an equal employment opportunity employer.
Contact Person
Jon Dudley
Contact Phone
(208) 373-4378
Contact eMail
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