Yosemite Bear Management Volunteer (Backcountry)

National Park Service
Yosemite National Park
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up to $20/day meal reimbursement
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Volunteers will assist park biologists in reducing human-black bear conflicts by detecting and mitigating the availability of human food within the park, focusing on wilderness areas. Volunteer will additionally assist with frontcountry patrols and other wildlife management tasks when necessary. Description of Duties: Volunteers will assist park biologists in reducing human-wildlife conflicts by detecting and mitigating the availability of human food in campgrounds, parking lots, lodging faclilites and other park areas; monitor movements of bears using radio telemetry; assist in capture, immobilization, tagging, and relocation of bears; assist with negative conditioning of bears and other wildlife using various tactics which may include the use of a paintball gun; complete daily patrol logs and bear incident reports and enter information into a database; assist with capture and relocation of other wildlife including small mammals, rattlesnakes, and birds; and assist with other wildlife management programs when necessary. Volunteers may also participate in wilderness patrols, focusing on educating hikers and backpackers about bears and proper food storage, doing food storage patrols, and chasing bears from backcountry campsites.
Volunteers must commit to the position for 3 months (entire summer preferred) and will work 40 hours/week. Applicants should be able to work as a team member during patrols and bear capture efforts, but also work well independently; willing to work long and irregular hours as dictated by bear activity; be in excellent physical condition to negotiate rough and mountainous terrain, and to lift heavy loads; and be an experienced backpacker with own equipment. An academic background or training in wildlife management, zoology, or biology is desired. Must have CPR training and first aid certification. Must have valid driver’s license. Housing will be in the form of a campsite at Camp 4 (tents only).
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Yosemite Bear Management
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