Zoology Technician; Lansing, MI

Michigan State University Extension
Lansing, MI
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GIS & Computing
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As part of MSU Extension (MSUE), the Community, Food and Environment Institute (CFEI), and the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI), the zoology technician will work as part of MNFI’s Science Team to implement field research, monitoring, and inventory projects in cooperation with project principal investigators (PIs). The mission of MNFI is to guide the conservation of Michigan’s biodiversity by providing the highest quality scientific expertise and information. This position has statewide responsibilities. MNFI maintains the statewide Natural Heritage database documenting the occurrences and status of rare species and exemplary natural communities. This core function is an essential component of many MNFI projects. The database is required by partner agencies who perform legally mandated regulatory functions, allowing them to complete tasks, perform regulatory reviews, produce products, and meet deadlines. This ongoing research is used by federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations to guide land management, development, and conservation decisions. The database forms the foundation for providing information to decision makers. MNFI utilizes the Biotics 5 platform, which is an integrated, web-enabled system for tabular and spatial data management for the Heritage Network. In this position, you will be responsible for data management using Biotics 5 and the full suite of Esri GIS products. You will conduct field sampling for an array of rare and declining species, such as birds, herptiles, mammals, and insects, using a variety of techniques. In collaboration with scientists, you will assist with data management, analysis, and report writing. You will also work with the Geographic Information System (GIS)/Information Technology (IT) Team to enter information in the MNFI Natural Heritage Database. This position will be housed at the MNFI office in Lansing, Michigan, within a secure State of Michigan building.
• Knowledge equivalent to a four-year college degree program in zoology, ecology, fisheries and wildlife, natural resources management, or related science field. • One to three years of related work experience in standard laboratory procedures and safety requirements.
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